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Pando™ Meetings

Our state-of-the-art Pando™ Meetings platform provides a uniquely hybrid meeting experience that meets the need of today’s blended workspaces. Give your attendees unparalleled 2-way engagement – the closest thing to an in-person meeting. 

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We provide TV-Style, highly-produced broadcasts​ with limitless options for your production​ at our studios or your location of choice.

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Web Conferencing Solutions

Try our web conferencing solutions with scalable and economical streaming option​s. We are platform agnostic​ and allow you to customize, brand, and password-protect your attendees’ registration & login experience​ with a dedicated client service team.​

✔ Virtual Event Producer on every program

  • Monitor waiting room & admit approved attendees
  • Manage breakout assignments
  • Address technical questions via Chat
  • Share your content, manage polling
  • Deliver scripting
  • Work with onsite AV staff to ensure a seamless hybrid experience where applicable

✔ Speaker rehearsal

✔ Multi-layer QC process

✔ Private “Observer Rooms” available

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