Broadcast Production

“We go live in 5,4,3,2,1, dip to black up on camera 1…ACTION!” It sends chills, of the good kind, every time the countdown to live is called. There is an adrenaline rush, knowing the cast and broadcast production crew are on a journey together, rowing in tandem until, “Pull back on camera 5, music up, standby to fade to black.”

We offer the following broadcasting formats:

  • Studio
  • On Location
  • Virtual 
  • Hybrid 

On-Location Broadcasts

Whether the locale is a TV studio in Los Angeles, a hotel ballroom in Chicago, or an outdoor segment, our staff has the expertise and experience to deliver. Our in-house producers and directors execute hundreds of productions annually across diverse locations and budgets.

TV-Style Studio Broadcasts

Choose from one of our in-house sets or let our set designer build a custom set just for you. Our green screen cyclorama also provides limitless options for your production. All broadcasts are delivered seamlessly to our dedicated, nationwide venue network or to individual devices anywhere with connectivity.

Work With Us

Work With Us