Pando™ Meetings

Geeks, yeah you can call us geeks, because we love geeking out on the tech! Getting to experiment and play with the myriad of platforms out there is not just a job, it’s a quest. And the quest allows us to align the right live or virtual platform for you and your needs.

We support your platform of choice!

Freedom From Constraints

Freedom From Constraints

Traditional Virtual

  • Participants are easily distracted
  • Lacks true collaboration
  • Software & onboarding challenges
  • Potential for high drop-off rates


  • Live meeting without the travel
  • Cost-effective & innovative
  • Highly engaging & interactive
  • No software downloads
  • Ability to see facial expressions & body language

Live Face-To-Face

  • Budget constraints
  • Travel restrictions & time out-of-office
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Limited meeting frequency

Pando™ At a Glance

Up To


Wall Participants

Up To


Off-Wall Participants
and/or Observers

Less Than


Seconds to Log In



Downloads Required

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Work With Us